WHO WE ARE The French phrase Jeu d'art, which means ‘art play’, depicts
children frolicking in colors
Jeu d'art offers French-style baby product designed for both the child
and mom’s lifestyle with an artistic touch.
We focus on unique designs and colors that stand out
among conventional play mats while still matching the rest of the home.

WHO WE ARE 쥬다르는 예술 감성을 담은 유아용품으로
엄마와 아이의 라이프 스타일이 모두 반영된 디자인을 추구합니다.

아이의 감성뿐 아니라 아이와 함께하는 시간을 더 아름답게 하고자 하는
쥬다르는 놀이공간에 포인트가 되는 써클매트, 디자인과 안전을 모두 겸비한 카펫 형태의 패턴매트,
셀프시공이 용이한 따뜻한 컬러의 플레이매트를 선보이고 있습니다.



  • CIRCLE MAT써클 매트

    The ‘Circle Mat’ stands
    out in the play space.

  • PATTERN MAT패턴 매트

    Pattern Mat is a carpet-type
    design mat that expresses
    the artistic sense of Jeu d’art.

  • PLAY MAT플레이 매트

    Play Mat is an extendable,
    and easy-to-assemble
    DIY mat.

  • ART&PLAY예술 놀이

    'Art Playmat' can be used
    for clay, sand, and
    various sensory plays.


a product that
could both
ensure a child’s safety
and beautiful
design was a dream
come true.
Our Story

LIFE IS ART A shining life for you and your child

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